Adorno “Traditional Meets Contemporary”

Published December 11, 2014 | by BETH GIUFFRE.

As newly appointed empty-nesters, Collin and Jeremie Green hired nationally-acclaimed Corey Damen Jenkins to give their quaint, kid-friendly country home a new, sophisticated, city-like look.

Jenkins quickly discovered when he started working with the Greens that the well-traveled couple had some intriguing pieces stored away from their travels abroad. He urged the couple to incorporate their collected treasures into the new design, highlighting Collin’s valued collection of clocks and other international pieces during the modernization of the Green’s home.

“If you are going through a renovation, you might as well go all out.”

The whole project was a juxtaposition of contemporary and traditional, a study in pattern and scale. Jenkins strived to lead the Greens to adopt bold, new colors slightly out of their comfort zone saying, “If you are going through a renovation, you might as well go all out.”

The theme behind the Green’s project was taking contemporary fabrics and pairing them with traditional furnishings from the mill work to all of the carvings on the tables and chairs.

Prior to the renovation, Mrs. Green had purchased a new French Country-style table to fit with the current décor. Jenkins decided to design a tablecloth with a huge chevron pattern that would give it a more formal look instead of buying a whole new table.

The tablecloth is capped with leather to keep durability and function in place while it also visually separates the area. The trim running below the leather separates the chevron pattern and also brings consistency to the home, as it also trims the one of the chairs in the adjacent formal living room.

Taking into account the long and dreary Michigan winters, Jenkins wanted to focus on the lack of natural light in the family room and relied on color “pops” to brighten the feel. He decided to use a cheerful yellow sofa as a “punch plate” for the area, and leveraged the same color for the first floor walls. The black and white geometric patterns complete this modern feel.

Inspired by a visit to his parent’s home and a reconnection to his beloved, childhood ’80s Hot Wheels racetrack, Jenkins incorporated a cornice board with a yellow stripe down the middle to create the Green’s custom window treatment. Being color-conscious, he added just a touch of the rousing color to keep it balanced with the houndstooth on the stools.

The banquet is Jenkins’ take on a futuristic ’50s diner. The silver-plated banquette table takes on a polished feel and is the perfect size reading the daily newspaper while enjoying fresh morning coffee. The chevron pattern was taken from the adjacent dining room and blown-up along with the fabric pattern on the wall cushion, then completed with a much larger houndstooth on the stools in front of the bar.

The entry way gives the first impression of a home. For the Green’s space, the focus is on Mr. Green’s antique clock collection. At the same time, contemporary geometrically patterned artwork mingles with the traditional bones of the house.

Jenkins’ touches on the Green’s home celebrate the memories housed within while preparing for the next chapter of their lives.


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