Interior Motives

Four Interior Design Stars on the Rise Share Their Inspirations

Written by: Jeanine Matlow | Photography by: Brad Ziegler

At the age of 8, Corey Damen Jenkins was already sketching floor plans and rearranging furniture. As a young adult, the award-winning artist passed on a scholarship opportunity at the College for Creative Studies to pursue an offer from a New York-based construction design group.

Today, the 32-year-old principal of Design With Vision in Bloomfield Hills knows the pros and cons of being an entrepreneur. “The economy makes people believe they can’t afford to have their homes professionally decorated. But I work with all sorts of budgets,” Jenkins says. “You don’t need a million dollars for a million dollar look.”

What he’s learned is that design is a business first and foremost. “In order to succeed in this field, you’ve got to have your business in order,” says Jenkins, who believes in dressing the part. “Presentation is everything. It extends to how we dress and articulate ourselves. If you can’t dress yourself, how can you possibly dress a room?”

He describes his personal style as traditionalist with a modern flair. “I throw in something whimsical and unexpected to shake things up. I want the concepts to be timeless. I don’t ever want a project that didn’t age too well.”
His clients are a constant source of inspiration. “I see their ideas as stacked bricks just sitting there waiting to become something,” he says. “I become the mortar to make those dreams a reality.”

Jenkins begins every project with an equal dose of humility and enthusiasm. “I am working with two very important things: a client’s personal space and their hard-earned money.” He loves what he calls the creative storm, the initial whirlwind of ideas. “It’s very exhilarating for me to funnel that into one cohesive design.”

Now, Jenkins is being hired by other designers for his amazing ability to sketch three-dimensional renderings. These days, he says, “People want to see before they spend.”


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