Interior Splendor

Corey Damen Jenkins discovered his gift at age 7. His parents were redecorating their Auburn Hills Home. He was so excited about the process that his parents allowed him to make a proposal for the color palette. They chose to use it.

Since then, the 34 year old has developed an extensive architecture and interior design portfolio. “I do have to thank my parents,” says Jenkins, based in Birmingham. “They continued
to encourage and push me into [my passion]. And my Dad made me focus on the business and marketing side.”

Next month, Jenkins will be featured on HGTV’s “Showhouse Showdown.” (Check local TV listings for date and time.) “Working with HGTV has truly been one of the best experiences of my life,” Jenkins says. “It was an absolute blast.” Jenkins is known for his traditionalist style that mixes fresh continental colors with modern shapes. His work is currently on view at The Antique Centre of Troy, a shop that allows Michigan-based designers to create rooms with antiques from the store. His designs are on display throughout December.

In 2009, Jenkins launched his own firm, DWV (Design With Vision), inspired by his close friends in the now defunct R&B trio SWV. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he’d been laid off several times and felt discouraged. Says Jenkins, “You get to a point where you take your destiny in your own hands.”


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