Local designers featured on HGTV

Interior designers from Bloomfield Hills, Birmingham selected to strut their style on ‘Showhouse Showdown’

By Tiffany Esshaki – C & G Staff Writer

BLOOMFIELD HILLS — Corey Damen Jenkins know show to turn a house into a home. Each day, the Bloomfield Hills-based interior designer works with clients at Design With Vision LLC to create one-ofa-kind living spaces that are both functional and stylish. The process is nothing new to him. But when you throw a few television cameras and strict time and budget limitations into the mix, the task becomes a little more complicated.

That was the challenge Jenkins faced when he competed on the HGTV network show “Showhouse Showdown.” The show, hosted by Michigan’s own Bob Guiney, pits two interior designers against each other to furnish and decorate five rooms in two newly built show houses. The designers have an identical budget and time frame to work with, and at the end of each episode, neighbors tour the house and vote for their favorite designs. At stake is the chance to become a featured designer in HGTV.com’s national Designer Portfolio, not to mention the bragging rights of being the winner of a design show viewed by millions.

Up against Jenkins was Birmingham designer Michelle Mio of Rariden Schumacher Mio & Co. The two were sent to Midland to design 3,800-square-foot homes with identical floor plans. The designers had only one week and $60,000 each to bring their visions to life. It took a lot of work and a few favors, according to Jenkins, but the competitors completed the challenge and wowed more than 100 Midland residents with the results.

“It was a challenge. We had to do everything. We had to furnish rooms and get it done in record time,” said Jenkins, who created an old-world Italian farmhouse theme in his house. “It teaches you to be very creative without compromising the quality of what’s in the house.”

Jenkins was happy to learn that he had won the challenge when the episode, titled “Saginaw Michigan Showdown: Old World Style vs. Fun Floating Furniture,” aired March 24. The victory, he said, was not just his. Jenkins said he had many helping hands when it came to furnishing the house so quickly, including the Michigan Design Center in Troy, Fieldstone Winery in Rochester, Designer Furniture Services in Pontiac, and Gorman’s Lakeside Showroom of Shelby Township. Tanya Nieschulz specializes in interior design and sales at Gorman’s, and she said the process of helping Jenkins win the challenge was stressful, but rewarding.

“I made sure he had everything in a timely fashion and in a price budget he was allowed. It was a lot of phone calls, just telling (vendors) what was going on,” said Nieschulz. “A few pieces were last minute, and there was a lot of praying, ‘Oh, please get here on time.’”

Nieschulz added that when the staff at Gorman’s was finally able to watch the episode, they were thrilled that the designer they had worked with for so long came out on top.

“It was awesome. We all applauded. We all love him here, as well we all should, he’s a great guy — very professional, extremely creative, witty, and he’s a man of his word. You almost felt like you wanted to have tears because it was so well deserved.”

And though Jenkins’ phone has been ringing off the hook with calls from across the country asking for his services since the show aired, he thinks the real winner is the state of Michigan, which got some much needed positive publicity.

“I’m happy for Michigan; I hope it brings a lot of business here. The episode showcased the state in a beautiful way, in a way the media outside of Michigan doesn’t always portray us. I’m most proud of that,” said Jenkins. “It’s a victory for all of us. I was happy that we all united for this particular project. It makes the win even sweeter.”

To learn more about the episode, visit www.hgtv.com. You can also visit the designers’ websites at www.CoreyDamenJenkins.com and www.rsminteriors.com.

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