Parkview Magazine – Corey Damen Jenkins

A luxe bachelor pad by interior designer Corey Damen Jenkins

Click here to view PDF article:  ParkView – March 2015 CDJ

“Limited by space but not imagination? When it comes to creating distinct living areas that speak to one’s creative nature and personality, and utilizing space limitations, COREY DAMEN JENKINS is among the best. Step into this Ann Arbor, Michigan loft as we walk through each room filled with class and sophistication. Nestled in a college town with football fans and pedestrians galore, this bachelor’s pad quiets the outdoors and welcomes a subtle warmth and whimsy, great luxury, and style. Come with us as we explore the use of texture, print, textiles, and lighting to design this residence.”

Unknown Author “Home-Style Class.” Parkview Magazine. March 2015. Pages: 79-88. Print.