Matt & Anna W.

"Working with Corey and his design team was probably the most enjoyable, exciting experience my family has ever had making improvements to our home. Corey seemed to truly appreciate how much of an investment my husband and I put in to buying our family's dream house, and I felt like he ended up loving our home as much as we do in the end. Such tremendous care was taken for every detail to be right, and there was an extremely responsive return time to my questions and communications with coordinating all the working parts of the project. We have also been told by real estate professionals that the resell value of our home went up significantly because of the interior projects Corey completed. Not only did Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates supersede our wildest imaginations with our living room, dining room, and kitchen, but I also feel as though I have gained some lifelong friendships with Corey and his staff!"

Dr. Jeffrey & Michelle S.

"Corey Damen Jenkins is a true talent like no other! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with Corey and his team over the past 2 years during the construction of our new home.  His extraordinary design vision, genuine passion, and dedication to our family and our project were unparalleled.  Corey was all in, all the time, and his unwavering commitment to achieve excellence is evident throughout our spectacular home.  He truly took the time to understand and listen to our vision, rather than imposing his own preferences.  He was engaged and involved in EVERY phase & detail during the construction process.  Our completed home is a dream come true and far beyond what we ever imagined or hoped it could be!  Corey truly made our house a home and we are completely overjoyed!     It is evident through his incredible eye for design and detail why Corey is recognized as one of the very few best designers in the nation!  We would highly recommend Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates for any design project and plan to hire them again for future design work.    Corey - we can't thank you enough for all your hard work, dedication and commitment to us.  It's been a long road, we spent countless hours together, shared many laughs and even a few tears.  We will forever treasure all the memories we made and fun times we've shared together over the past 2 years.  We are truly honored to now call you a forever friend!  You are an inspiration and words can never fully express our gratitude."

Courtney W.

“We knew we needed some help. So I interviewed about 5 or six different designers locally and they all came up with ideas that mirrored the past owner. I felt that Corey and I had the best connection. He understood my vision. He understood right away that I wanted to make the home mine. I saw his incredible work and I knew it would be a real collaborative working team. That was really what I needed. He gets me.”

Sabrina & Jacob L.

"After several failed attempts at working with other designers, I was referred to Corey by a dear friend. We meshed instantly in our first meeting, (bonding over a beloved fabric) and I knew we shared a vision for this house. What I didn't know at the time was how far beyond my expectations he would reach! We spent a great amount of time together throughout the design process, and his patience and dedication to the project never wavered, even responding to my crazy texts at midnight! I have seen several of the homes Corey has designed and while they are all completely different, they are unmistakably Corey's work based on the attention to detail and the original ideas in each of the spaces. He thinks outside the box, and what you end up with is a home that looks like no other place you've ever seen! Corey is fair, honest and a true professional. Both he and his amazing staff became like family to us. He was calm and reassuring throughout the entire design process. In the end, he delivered a breathtaking home with the perfect balance of fashion and function, a beautiful space to entertain and also to raise our family, and a place we absolutely love coming home to everyday. It is a space that ultimately feels like us and we couldn't ask for more than that! There is no one like Corey. He pours his heart and soul into every project. He is an extraordinary talent and truly in a league of his own."

Jeremie & Collin G.

"We hired Corey Damen Jenkins and his firm to redesign the 1st floor of our home, including the family room, living room, entryway, powder room, dining room, and a complete kitchen renovation. This was our first experience using an interior designer and we were a little nervous. But Corey put us completely at ease. He is an incredibly gifted and talented designer with amazingly creative ideas. He listens and communicates well and has such enthusiasm and energy!! Corey transformed our 1st floor living space from a french country style to what Corey calls a "Park Avenue" style. Words cannot express how gorgeous our home looks and how grateful we are to Corey! Corey has an amazing ability to describe his vision both in words and with his incredible sketches. We appreciated, too, that he could repurpose some of our existing decor where possible. His team is wonderful, too. We are in love with our home!"

Lynn C. M.

"Corey took my vision, designed it on paper and made it come alive . I wanted my project to express who I am: Funky and vivacious but sophisticated and warm at the same time. Corey is so patient and that is the quality that I appreciated the most. Having a consultation with Corey is so essential because he is getting to know you and what you like. And after the consultation is when he does his MAGIC. Corey is the first interior designer that I have worked with and he will always be my designer because he took the time to get to know me and what I like. Thank you again Corey."

Dr. William & Ann R.

“Corey, you have done a fantastic job with our home. We are very pleased and our friends are impressed. Thanks for your help.”

Katie R.

“I just wanted to thank you Corey for the wonderful accessorizing service you gave me. The artwork is beautiful and it works so well with my decor. I didn’t know that the kind of service you provided existed anymore!”

Mark D.

"Corey, I wanted to take a moment to extend my appreciation for what you have brought to my life. From the first moment we walked into the empty house to the final day of the installation of the furnishings, the experience I had working with you can be described in one word - INCREDIBLE. The combination of your passion, knowledge and creativity made working with you not only delightful, but inspirational as well. You are, as I tell everyone, a genius. You tailored my vision into such a brilliant piece of artwork that I am proud to come to home to everyday. I appreciate the fact that you spent so much time getting to know my personality and lifestyle in order to incorporate it into the grand design. You chose every piece of artwork, furniture, and accessories based on my character and I thank you for that. The completed project is far beyond what I could have ever imagined. As an entrepreneur myself, I can genuinely say, you really know how to take care of your clientele. You listened to my wants and catered to my needs. You under promised and over delivered. You are truly a class act. Thank you again for the impeccable craftsmanship and service you and your team provided, making this house a home."

Jeffrey V.

"Corey did an excellent job at listening to my goals for the renovation and transforming my condominium into a living space that I am in awe of every day that I return home. His designs are sophisticated and definitely achieve the "wow" factor! Corey has a detailed knowledge of the design industry and a positive and customer focused mentality. Highly recommended."

Richard & Julie M.

“When we started our project, we were just looking for someone to help us pick out paint and flooring colors. After meeting with Corey Damen Jenkins, he had many excellent suggestions and ideas that really got us excited! He managed the entire project and brought in a team of professional contractors that quickly turned our house into a showpiece that really pops with style and warmth. We couldn't be happier with the results!”

Scott & Karla M.

“Sophisticated, eloquent, professional and caring are just a few words we would use to describe our designer, Corey Damen Jenkins. He is a rare, high quality individual who has a unique vision that encompasses the past while looking forward to the future. His gift for interior design has left us speechless. My wife, Karla and I recently purchased a home in which Corey had the opportunity to design five rooms as part of HGTV’s Showhouse Showdown. Within five minutes of entering the home, we agreed to purchase it, in large part due to Corey's interior design. Simply put, we love how he created a warm, opulent Tuscan feeling while incorporating both modern and antique accents. Every aspect of the interior design of our home is warm and inviting. Our guests never want to leave. Thank you Corey, for creating an environment which we can truly call home.”

Don & Traci C.

“Corey uses his unique and engaging personality to pull out what you "really want" while educating you along the way. There is never a moment where we felt like he was pushing anything on us; in fact, he was able to gently nudge us out of our comfort zone by simply introducing new dimensions to our existing style. By the end of his process, he and his amazing staff knew our style better than we did. The finished product was an amazing experience that opened our minds to possibilities we'd never before imagined and intrigued us to where we'd feel comfortable pushing the envelope even farther with him on our next project without hesitation. Unique to Corey is his ability to use existing design elements that are important to you, so your style is always a part of the final product.”

Ann L.

“Working with Corey Jenkins was a true pleasure. Not only is he an intuitively brilliant designer but a fair, open and honest businessman. The price of every aspect of our project was clearly laid out with, as he likes to say, “every “I” dotted (and every ‘T’ crossed)!” The moment we walked into our home, it was truly like one of those scenes from an HGTV show where the couple’s jaws drop to the floor in awe. We love our new look and it fits us like a glove. Corey captured our essence in design.”

Karen K.

“Dear Corey, how beautiful the refurbished chairs and footstool look at our cabin. The workmanship was great—please pass on our thanks. The functionality of the leather surface on the ottoman and flip sides of our cushions works just as I had envisioned when 4 legged friends visit. Thanks for your help in getting the project completed.”

Kevin K.

“I would highly recommend Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates. We had a limited budget, and not many ideas to start with. Corey and his staff came in and put together a package that looked absolutely beautiful. His suggestions and recommendations were extremely helpful. Visitors to our facility still comment on the decorating and how “warm and appealing” the building is. Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates made it happen, and the best news is, all within our budget.”

Ed P.

“Corey Damen Jenkins’ Salon De Musique music room at Judy Frankel Antiques is really a terrific space. There isn't one place that is more important than another. All the vignettes come together to make a cohesive room that is truly magnificent.”

Rick M.

“As a carpenter, I have had the pleasure of working with Corey Damen Jenkins on a number of projects. I can recommend his firm highly and without reservation. Throughout the course of each project, Corey is very professional. He is accurate in his assessment of the scale of work and the time each project will take. He clearly communicates his vision to his contractors and provides ample opportunity for input. Corey expects a high level of professionalism from his contractors. He is very involved with his projects and never leaves the homeowners struggling to manage contractors on their own. He brings all his contractors together prior to beginning any work to ensure everyone is clear on the scope of work as well as the timing of the projects."