Corey Damen Jenkins and Associates was a headlining interior design firm for the FLOWER Magazine Inaugural Showhouse in Atlanta, Georgia in November 2022. Corey’s three spaces, the Morning Bar, the Wine Room, and the Secret Speakeasy, were among the highlights of the venue with visitors donning the speakeasy as the “belle of the ball”. Corey sought to create an underground garden that embraced elegant and fashion-forward aesthetics in a space that flipped the narrative on “man caves” by designing the space with women’s relaxation top of mind. These spaces were situated in the lower level of the house where no windows were to be found; Corey’s challenge was to bring the beauty of the outdoors…indoors. The light and ethereal palette of blush pinks, mint and celadon greens, black, white, and gold mixed with reflective finishes and surfaces, great artwork, traditional and antique pieces lit with stunningly modern light fixtures, all surrounded by beautiful organic motifs brought this downstairs haven to life as if it were truly in the great wide open. 


Photography: Brian Bieder Photography
Floral Designer: Kirk Whitfield